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  • PawHut Cat Tree with Litter Box, Scratching Post, Cat House, Hammock - Oak Tone

    - 2 in 1 design, can be used as a litter box and a cat tree - The litter box can also be used as an extra cat house � just place a cushion inside - Includes a cat litter box, cat house, hammock, platforms, scratching posts, mats and a sunflower scratching board - Cute sunflower design is a unique addition to your home - Made with sturdy particle board, covered in soft plush for comfort - With an anti-slip mat and anti-tip rope, it ensures stability - Suitable for 1-2 cats up to 5kg - Assembly required- Colour: Green, oak-tone, white and beige - Material: Particle board, polyester, loop pile carpet, sisal, steel and spray cotton - Overall Dimensions: 176H x 52L x 48Wcm. Overall Cat Litter Box: 42.5H x 52L x 48Wcm. Inside Cat Litter Box: 40H x 49L x 45Wcm. Door: 39.5H x 48.5Wcm. Hole: 20H x 20Wcm. Cat House: 30H x 34W x 40Dcm. Cushion: 3T x 39L x 33Wcm. Platforms: From bottom to top: 34L x 40Wcm, 48L x 37Wcm and 48L x 40Wcm. Mats: From bottom to top: 35L x 26Wcm, 35L x 35Wcm and 46L x 38Wcm. Hammock: 12H x Dia35cm. Sunflower: Dia30cm - Maximum Weight Capacity: Cat Litter Box: 10kg. Platforms: 10kg. Hammock: 8kg - Item label: D31-083V70AK