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  • 10 x Anti Bird Garden Netting Pond Net Protection Plants Veg Crops Fruit Fine Mesh 2M X 10M

    Anti Bird Garden Netting Pond Net Protection Plants Veg Crops Fruit Fine Mesh 2M X 10M

    Item Description:

    🏡 Heavy Duty Garden Netting, Grow Garden Flowers, Green Pea, Cucumber, Tomatoes, Bean and Vine Plants
    🏡 Garden Trellis For Climbing Outdoor Plants designed to stand up to cold winters and hot summers.
    🏡 Perfect protection netting for plants such as Pea, Tomato, Vine, and Bean plants and Scrog net method
    🏡 Easy to Install Garden Net- nylon netting is easily cut to size and doesn’t unravel
    🏡 10M X 2M plant netting allows you to easily grow beautiful pea trellis plants
    1. The netting holes are diamond shaped 25mm (2.5cm)
    2. Each pack is a good size for practical use as it allows you to cut and use it without the need to generate little - off cuts of waste
    3. A great item for around the garden with many practical uses.
    4. Protect seedlings, Vegetables, Plants, Fruits, Trees, as well as covering a pond to protect against birds.
    5. This item is a nice light green colour so blends into the garden
    6. This netting is easy to work and does not tangle, and has a niceopen mesh construction, which is extremely durable.
    7. Nice easy to use product which can be used year after year
    • Bird Netting for Plants - The exceptional quality soft woven mesh netting suitable for any of your garden plants, bushes, or trees in order to protect the crops against birds without causing harm
    • Garden Netting- The dimensions for this netting is: 2m x 10 m. The anti-bird netting is made from a strong and durable 25mm square monofilament HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) mesh, which is UV stabilized and rot-proof.
    • This netting is long-lasting and doesn't tear easily if treated with care, is also suitable for rainy and sunny weather.
    • Easy to use - The Strong, durable, lightweight & soft netting makes it suitable for structures, cages, and laying directly onto crops, plants, trees, and bushes. You can tie the anti-bird netting to the mounting pile and fix pegs to the ground, without the need to worry about installation.
    • You can cut into any size you want and then use the cable ties to tighten up the netting; helps protects plants from damage by birds, rodents, and other pests and can also be used to cover the fishpond to prevent falling leaves!
    • DIMENSIONS (Per Roll) – L10m x W2m / L393” x W79” (approx.)
    • DIMENSIONS (Netting Hole) – L25mm x W25mm / L1” x W1” (approx.)