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    10cm Terracota Pots pack of 7

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    TERRACOTA PLANTER: High Quality Guaranteed Terracotta Planter - Made of robust and durable plastic 

    APPEARANCE & DESIGN: Perfect for your bedroom, kitchen, study or office, desktop, windowsill, balcony, and other indoor or outdoor areas. Our smaller pots are ideal for propagating cuttings or pricking out plants. 0. 50 L 

    CAPACITY: Water and oxygen can pass through the edges of the container, promoting good root growth. This helps the soil to breathe, reducing root rot, fungus, and other illnesses caused by waterlogging. 

    SMALL FLOWERPOT: This is where a small seed will grow from a bud to a lovely flower, as well as a new home for all other plants. Your wonderful plants may be effortlessly transplanted in or out thanks to its large growth room and innovative inside design. It'll just take a few minutes, and you'll be done! 

    DECORATIVE POT: Your desktop or floor will grow filthy if you don't have something to hold this plastic planter, and you'll have to clean it periodically. To address this issue, this green plant pot comes with a matching drainage pallet that collects overflow water, soil, and other impurities, successfully keeping your living environment clean at all times of the day and night.