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  • 12 x 60cm Artificial Lily Stems - Pink - 144 Flowers

    Pack of 12 lily stems each with 12 flowers. Total 144 flowers in this arrangement as shown. Realistic shaped artificial lily stems. Measure 60cm from the base of each stem to the top of the highest flower. Width 60cm when arranged as a group but the stems are fully wired so this can be made narrower or wider to suit your requirements. Each stem has 12 individual flowers- a mix of emerging buds and full flowers along with realistic leaves. These look particularly impressive when arranged as a bouquet with other lilies of the same type (see our example photos). This pack of lilies is supplied without any vase- planter or pot. Any vases shown in our pictures are for illlustration of use only and are not included. We have these same lilies available in a range of colours.