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  • 150cm Artificial Yellow Ginkgo Tree 510 Leaves

    150cm Artificial Yellow Ginkgo Tree 510 Leaves. When arranged as shown in our pictures this stands 150cm tall x 60cm x 60cm. The plastic weighted pot measures 17cm (w) x 14cm (h).Highly realistic premium quality artificial plant. Comes potted in a plain black plastic pot and is ready to display but these do look all the more impressive if you stand them inside a larger decorative planter. It comes potted in a plastic weighted pot and whilst it can be left like that you can (if you wish) place it inside a larger planter for a different look. It is very easy to maintain - no watering required! It will benefit from the occasional dusting or can also be hosed off in the garden - these are very robust plants!It is highly realistic with botanically accurate foliage. These come ready to display, just arrange them on delivery and they will look like the real thing.