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  • 22 pcs emergency tools for car door opening with pull cord

    Widely used: 22-piece kit for car audio modification, radio modification, door panel, line, sign, window decoration or car interior repair and furniture repair. Professional tool set can help you deal with unexpected situations in daily life and improve your work efficiency. 


    Expansion tool: Solid 202F stainless steel, assembled in four parts, and the maximum length after assembly is 67 inches. With anti-slip soft rubber handle and barb protection, there is no need to worry about scratching the paint surface. CNC machine tools mill standard slots, which perfectly match the wrench caliber, and it is more convenient to disassemble the rod with a wrench. 


    High-quality tools PVC environmental protection nylon seesaw, not easy to break, more and more convenient to disassemble vehicle instrument panel, audio panel, door side panel, roof and other decorative boards and accessory box covers, Equipped with 2 black airbags.Our air wedge pumps are made of high-quality TPU material, with smooth external and internal reinforcing ribs and PVC inserts inside, which makes it easier to insert into gaps to resist greater pressure. They can be used in homes and cars. 


    Note: Do not over-inflate, so as not to damage bags or valves. Easy storage and portable 


    design: The car emergency tool kit is equipped with a portable zipper storage bag, which can properly place and store all tools after use, without fear of loss. 

    Packing list: 

    4 long-arm gripper connecting rods, 

    4 fastening anti-slip nuts, 

    2 mini wrenches, 

    2 black airbags, 

    1 red wedge, 

    7 blue PVC seesaws, 

    1 double-ball stainless steel wire drawing tool, 

    1 Oxford waterproof kit. 

    [100% Satisfaction Guarantee] You can flexibly handle all kinds of unexpected situations with our auto tool kit. If you encounter any problems, please feel free to contact us. We will do our best to provide you with a 100% satisfactory shopping experience.