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  • 90cm (3ft) Large Artificial Green Yukka Plant Spiky Tree Plant

    This is a lovely spiky artificial plant ideal for conservatories. This is a large 90cm (3ft) high large plant which looks very impressive and realistic. It is one of the more popular styles of tropical artificial plants we stock. It is ready to use straight out of the box - the leaves are plastic and naturally sit in the same way as a real yukka plant would do so there is no need to arrange them. It comes potted in a plastic weighted pot and whilst it can be left like that you can (if you wish) place it inside a larger planter for a different look. It is very easy to maintain - no watering required! It will benefit from the occasional dusting or can also be hosed off in the garden - these are very robust plants! This artificial tree stands 90cm high as shown in the pictures. It is highly realistic with botanically accurate foliage. It comes potted in a plain plastic pot and is ready to display. Crafted from high quality material- our trees are extremely realistic. These are perfect for busy homeowners who don't have time for maintenance of real plants and trees yet love the natural look they provide.