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    Auto O2 Oxygen Air Fuel Ratio Sensor Fits For Chevrolet GM GMC 12572705

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    Are you eager to buy a Oxygen Sensor to change your broken or malfunctioned one? Then you should change it with a new one without any delays. Under this circumstance, this Professional Oxygen Sensor would be a great choice. Made of high quality material, it is reliable and durable for you use a long time. Produced by the sophisticated technology and fine workmanship, it can function well exactly as same as the original one. What is more, reasonable in price and quality, it is more and more popular in the market. It is well worth ordering!


    1. Produced by the sophisticated technology

    2. It is the combination of elegance and good use, firmly and securely, guaranteeing the safety

    3. Made of durable and reliable material, can be used for a long time

    4. Light weight and portable, easy to install

    5. Easy to use for its simple design

    6. Brand new and high quality


    FOR ISUZU Ascender V8 5.3L 09.2002

    FOR CADILLAC Escalade I (GMT400) V8 6.0L  10.1998-10.2006

    FOR CADILLAC ATS Saloon L4 2.0L  02.2013

    FOR CADILLAC CTS III Saloon L4 2.0L  09.2013

    FOR CADILLAC ATS Coupe  L4 2.0L  02.2013

    FOR CADILLAC Escalade EXT Pickup (GMT805) V8 6.0L 09.2001-12.2006

    FOR CHEVROLET Corvette C6 Coupe  V8 6.2L 09.2004

    FOR CHEVROLET Corvette  Z06 V8 7.0L 03.2006

    FOR CHEVROLET Camaro V Convertible (GMX511) V8 6.2L  01.2011

    FOR CHEVROLET Camaro V Coupe (GMX511) V8 6.2L  02.2009-12.2015

    FOR CHEVROLET Silverado 1500 I V8 6.0L  09.1997-12.2007

    FOR CHEVROLET Silverado 2500 I  V8 6.0L  09.1998

    FOR HUMMER H2 Off-Road  V8 6.0L 08.2002

    FOR HUMMER H2 SUT  V8 6.0L 09.2004

    FOR HUMMER H3 Off-Road V8 5.3L  04.2005

    FOR OPEL Insignia A Hatchback (G09) L4 2.0L  07.2008-03.2017

    FOR OPEL Insignia A Saloon (G09)  L4 2.0L   07.2008 03.2017

    FOR OPEL Insignia A Sports Tourer (G09)  L4 2.0L   07.2008 - 03.2017

    FOR OPEL Astra J GTC (P10)  L4 2.0L   10.2011

    FOR SAAB 9-7X Off-Road V8 5.3L 06.2004-07.2012

    FOR SAAB 9-5 Saloon (YS3G) L4 2.0L  01.2010-01.2012

    FOR VAUXHALL Insignia Mk1 (A) Saloon (G09)  L4 2.0L  07.2008-05.2017

    FOR VAUXHALL Astra Mk6 (J) GTC (P10) L4 2.0L  10.2011

    Package Includes:

    1X Oxygen Sensor