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  • Barrel Tub Planter Blacksmith Planter Flower Plant Pot

    GARDEN BARREL PLANTER: Made of the finest quality, the plant pot is lightweight and easy to transport and lift. No more heavy pots you cannot move around the house.

    ROBUST FLOWER POT: Durable and sturdy, Straame Barrel Planter is 100% watertight—an excellent gardening accessory for anyone. Made of high-quality material, it will last many seasons even outdoors. 

    GARDENING BUCKET POT: This barrel-style design will create a natural feature on any garden patio or decking area, ideal for growing all your vegetables and aromatic herbs, plants, fruits and flowers.

    BLACK VERSATILE PLANT POT: Not only practical but also decorative. The eye-catching multipurpose plastic flower pot can be used indoors or outdoors. It only depends on you and your plants. This planter is a perfect fit for your ferns, pothos, ivy, and spider plants will thrive in this planter. Bear in mind this pot has no pre-drilled holes made but is easy to make if needed.

    TYPES AND CAPACITY: Our plant pots are suitable for planting and cultivating any flowers, seeds, potatoes, fruits and aromatic herbs. Perfect for taking your gardening hobby to the next level. They will fit your indoor or outdoor decoration.

    Be ready for the next growing season with Straame all-purpose plant pot. Modern, stylish design, Straame Barrel Planter is available indoors and outdoors. This flowerpot is a must-have for space-conscious gardeners who want to grow their own plants, and take their gardening to the next level. The lightweight yet solid construction blends with almost any outdoor or indoor space. No pre-made holes, but they can be drilled at the bottom of the planter easily.

    Straame all-purpose plant container will get you set for the next growing season. Straame Barrel Planter is a modern, elegant design that may be used both indoors and outdoors.