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    The BBQ branding iron comes with all the letters in the alphabet and spaces for you to spell out just about anything in your meat. The set includes a long metal rod with a wooden handle, a metal plate letter holder for you to spell your name etc. 55 metal letter tiles, 8 blank space tiles and 2 wire lock clips that hold all the letters in place. The BBQ branding iron is great for those BBQ enthusiasts, makes a great novelty gift and allows you to add that extra bit fun at a BBQ party with personalised messages and names branded onto the Steaks Burgers and other Great BBQ food you are serving. You can now serve your steaks, chops, burgers or chicken in style with your own personalised messages, jokes or names. The BBQ Branding Iron is perfect for parties where everyone likes their steak cooked differently. You can avoid confusion and brand them with names or degrees of doneness from rare to well done! The letters includes are as follows: A = 3 H = 2 O = 4 V = 1 B = 2 I = 3 P = 2 W = 1 C = 2 J = 1 Q = 1 X = 1 D = 3 K = 1 R = 4 Y = 2 E = 2 L = 4 S = 3 Z = 1 F = 2 M = 2 T = 3 G = 1 N = 2 U = 2 Features: BBQ Branding Iron Durable aluminium alloy with wooden handle 55 interchangeable letters Includes 8 Blank space tiles 2 wire locks keep all the letters in place Personalise your steaks and burgers Measurements Height: 43cm Width: 6cm Depth: 3cm Letters Height: 1.5cm Width: 1cm Package Content: 1 x BBQ Branding Iron With Wooden Handle 55 x Metal Alphabet Letters 2 x Metal Wire Clip Locks 1 x Spanner