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  • BBQ Saucepan Set with Silicone Brush

    INDISPENSABLE BBQ TOOL - No More Stains, Smears, Or Excessive And Unnecessary Use Of Cutlery. This Saucepan And Basting Brush Are An Excellent And Indispensable Tool At Every Barbecue. Make Quality Time With Your Friends Or Family Even Better! WHAT'S IN THE PACKAGE - The Set Consists Of A Steel Saucepan With A Long Handle For Extra Safety, And A Silicone Basting Brush So That You Can Apply The Sauce Efficiently INCREDIBLY INTUITIVE - All You Need To Do Is To Simply Heat The Sauce Or Marinade Using The Pan And Use The Brush To Appy It To The Meat Or Any Other Type Of Food That You Are Preparing ROBUST - Made From Tried And Tested, Heatproof Materials That Will Surely Last A Long Time. The Steel Saucepan Will Endure Years Of High Temperatures Without Issues.  DIMENSIONS: The Saucepan Is 24cm In Lenght,12 Cm In Width, And 6.5Cm In Height. The Basting Brush 20.5Cm In Lenght And 4 Cm In Width. Small Sized And Very Light, They Are Super Easy To Carry Around Measurement: Saucepan: Length: 11.7cm, Width: 12.5cm, Height: 6.5cm, Handle: 14.5cm Bristle Brush: 20.5cm Package Content: 1 x Saucepan, 1 x Silicone Basting Brush