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  • Granite Pestle & Mortar AS-41517

    Grind, crush, pound spices and herbs with the Solid Granite Pestle and Mortar Set and is the ideal gift chefs and cooks. Due to the natural properties of the granite stone, the stone won�t absorb any liquid allowing you to extract oils from herbs and spices with ease. The pestle mortar set is ideal for infusing ingredients such as sage, basil, tarragon, garlic, and pepper for your own dressings, pestos and pastes. Made of premium quality granite stone, the pestle and mortar set will not look out of place in any kitchen. Ideal for crushing herbs, coffee, spices, nuts and pretty much anything else you can think of, no kitchen is quite complete without a trusty pestle and mortar. The handy piece of equipment is made from unpolished granite for greater grinding, durability and style, plus it�s also suitable for both wet and dry mixes. Ideal for crushing herbs, coffee, spices, nuts and more. Made from unpolished granite to make grinding as easy as possible. Stylish Essential for all Kitchens Honed & Polished Granite. Brings out the Flavour of food. Essential for all well-equipped kitchens. Weighty pestle for crushing & grinding fresh ingredients Measurements Height: 8cm Diameter: 11cm Weight: 1.71kg Package Contents: 1 x Granite Pestle 1 x Granite Mortar