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  • Handheld Bug Vacuum With LED Light | Pukkr

    Even though not all of us mind an odd spider or bug scurrying across our floors and climbing our walls, none of us want to be removing the insect with our hands. The Pukkr Handheld Bug Vacuum is the ideal way of transporting bugs from our homes and into the safety of our garden. Coming with an attached LED light, it has never been easier to see and capture bugs under our beds, sofas and in dark crevices of our walls. Safely catch and release the insect by using the buttons on the handle without harming the life that is temporarily captured.


    There is no need for any harmful methods or traps, chemicals or toxins anymore to remove the unwanted guests in your home. The catch and release mechanism of this bug vacuum is a safe way to transport bugs from behind your sofa to your garden without them getting harmed.


    This 9V battery-powered vacuum is easy to operate with two buttons on the handle to use. The front button will turn the vacuum on/off and the button behind will operate the LED torch. The clear 30cm long chamber means you can use this vacuum both indoor and outdoor and can also help reach under sofas and up to the ceiling. Detaching into four parts, you can disassemble this catcher for easy storage and travel.

    A 9V battery that is needed to operate the bug vacuum is not included.>


    • Size: Tube length - 20cm. Fully assembled - 38.5cm
    • MateriaI: High-grade Plastic
    • In the Box: 1 x Handheld Bug Vacuum (Operating Handle with LED Light, Suction Tube, Suction Booster, and Stop Cap)
    • 2 Year Warranty

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