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  • Jilong Inflatable Sun Protector Canopy Lilo Mat Summer Beach Outdoor Pool Float

    Extra fun, extra relax

    These inflatable beach beds are the perfect choice for beach, sea and garden swimming pools.
    Most loved by children and teenagers, floating mats are also enjoyed by adults, for fun or even just for relaxation

    Safety first

    One important thing to consider when choosing a swimming pool lilo is that it doesn't have only one air chamber.
    Floating water mats with only one air chamber are unsafe in the event of a puncture.
    That's why Jilong has created these lilo airbeds with separate air chambers.
    In addition, the inflatable lilo for adults includes air pipes to increase stability when in the water and with it safety.

    Maximum Weight 80kgs (176lbs)

    Satisfaction at a low price

    We were, therefore, able to produce a beach lilo that was cheap in price but at the same time gave you the maximum possible satisfaction.
    The swimming mat sizes are generous to give you maximum relaxation even when you use it on shore or by the pool while sunbathing.

    Suitable for Age 14+


    • INFLATABLE – These mats for swimming pools are made of sturdy PVC to give you many lasting moments of fun and relax with sun protecting detachable canopy.
    • SIZE –183x75cm
    • COLOURS – Blue 
    • INFLATABLE – These lilos are easy to inflate and deflate, they can be inflated by using a hand/foot pump, electrical pump and it is simple enough to inflate using good old-fashioned lung power.
    • PERFECT FOR –Relaxing by the pool, in the pool or in the sea


    Package Content

    1 X Mat

    1 X Canopy

    1 X Manual

    1 X Repair Patch