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  • Solar Battery Repeller Animal Chaser Scarer Ultrasonic Deterrent Repellent

    Motion Sensor - The Passive Infrared sensor (PIR) detects motion and triggers the ultrasonic speaker emitting a tone that people cannot hear but chases away common outdoor pets like dogs, cats, foxes, deer, mice, squirrels and more. The solar animal repeller is a safe and humane way to keep unwanted animals away!

    Human & Environmentally Friendly - No messy chemicals or pesticides, no traps, no dead animals. The Battery Powered Ultrasonic Animal Repeller gets rid of almost all animals through emitting a mixture of ultrasonic sounds, frightening the intruding animals and pests to leave the area. Coverage area: 30 feet @110 Degree = 2425 square feet

    Simple and effective, easy to set up and use. 4 x "AA" NiCD rechargeable batteries.

    Powered by solar power, cordless and rechargeable, high efficiency, Ultrasonic frequency: 18-40kHz and low power consumption: Standby = 0.8mA, working = 15mA

    Product Dimension - H 37.2 x W10.2 x L15 cm Approx