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  • Stainless steel long distance car emergency key hook tool curved hook-shaped handle purple warp 18-piece set wedge air bag wrench combination tool

    Description of use:

    Car universal emergency kit for car doors and home windows adjustment, if the key is locked back in the car or children or pets are locked back, the emergency can use this kit to open the car door aid. Very effective. No damage to your vehicle. Or there are items hanging on trees, roofs, fall into the river can be used in an emergency long-distance hooking tool. Professional kits for cars and trucks, each designed to be flexible, easy to operate and get the job done in minutes. Suitable for all vehicle types. Will not cause damage or leave any scratches.

    Product description:

    1. Upgraded version of the long-handled tool

    The main body stainless steel 4 connections, made of high quality solid stainless steel, strong and anti-oxidation, not easy to bend. Precision thread for seamless connection between connecting rods. It consists of 4 parts - 16.35in (~41.4cm) handle bar, 16.35in (~41.4cm) hook bar and 2 16.5in (~41.9cm) extension bars, assembled up to 65in (~168cm). Can be assembled into 3 sizes according to different needs. Anti-slip soft rubber handle protection and groove design, easy to assemble and disassemble, extended hook rubber position, no need to worry about damaging the car paint.

     2. 4 non-slip nuts

    With 4 304 stainless steel nuts, the surface of the non-slip treatment, 2 head chamfering process, the use of non-slip nuts can be easily tightened and disassembled connection, will not be stuck teeth and fracture. Put a total of 4 nuts, use 3, a spare, to prevent damage or loss.

    3. Two high quality airbag bags.

    Made of high quality TPU material. Rounded corners, hard and durable edges, smooth exterior, hard PVC sheet in the middle for easier insertion to resist greater pressure. A simple squeeze pump and precise deflation valve help you lift and lower to the perfect position. Inflatable airbags are suitable for windows, doors, cabinet installation, appliances and plumbing. Note: Do not over-inflate to avoid damaging the airbag.

    4. Car dashboard and decorative buckle removal tool 7 pcs.

    Made of impact-resistant nylon fiber material with frosted surface, stronger than ordinary ABS, non-toxic and environmentally friendly design. 7 different car trim parts removal kits + 1 wedge parts remover for removing and installing stereos, wireless circuit boards, cars, boats, sail window trim and home trim, harmless to car paint throughout the refitting process.

    5. Red wedge, mainly can be stuffed open doorway, can lift the product, so that the hook is easier to put in.

    6. With 2 red handle steel wrenches, you can easily and effectively dismantle the tool.

    Product Package Quantity:

    Product package includes.

    1. 4 stainless steel long distance hooking tool connecting rods,
    2. 4 304 stainless steel non-slip nuts,
    3. 2 wrenches,
    4. 2 high quality air inflation bags,
    5. 4 pieces of dashboard and decorative buckle removal tools,
    6. 1 non-damaging wedge,
    7. 1 tool bag,
    8. 1 sheet of instructions for use.


    【100% Satisfaction Guarantee】:Note

    1. Due to differences in light and screen, the color of the item may be slightly different from the picture.

    2.Please allow 1cm difference due to manual measurement.

    3. If our car tool kit encounters various unexpected situations, you can explain by email and we will reply to the problem within 24 hours.