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    Vibratory Plate Compactor 196 CC 85 kg 15.5 Kn

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    Our heavy duty 196 cc plate compactor offers 5600rpm operation speed with a 6.5 hp engine, which can be used for asphalt, soil, sand, gravel and mixer soils in the construction area, civil or road engineering, gardening, landscaping and more. This vibratory compactor provides 15.5 kn impact force and 20 cm compaction depth to ensure project base material is fully compacted. It can travel up to 25 m per minute, making quick work of a big job. Bottom plate is made of steel, offering more strength, flatness and smoothness. It includes the PU mat, which will reduce the vibration and prevent your compactor plate from scratching, while not reduce the travel speed or compaction force. Additionally, the throttle lever allows you to adjust engine speed from fast to slow. It includes fold-down transport wheel and handlebar for easy transport and storage when not in use. The compactor is easy to assemble.