Editorial Complaints Policy

At Cracked China Cup, we strive for accuracy, fairness, and transparency in all our reporting and content creation. We understand the importance of maintaining trust with our audience and take complaints seriously. This Editorial Complaints Policy outlines our commitment to addressing and resolving any concerns raised by our readers, viewers, or stakeholders.


This policy applies to all content published on Cracked China Cup’s website (crackedchinacup.com), including articles, videos, live streams, and social media posts related to martial arts, MMA, boxing, kickboxing, muay thai, UFC, and other combat sports.

Complaints Process

We encourage individuals to submit complaints regarding any aspect of our content, including but not limited to factual inaccuracies, biased reporting, ethical concerns, and breaches of journalistic standards. Complaints can be submitted via email to info@crackedchinacup.com or through our online contact form.

When submitting a complaint, please provide the following information:

  • Your name and contact details.
  • Details of the content in question, including the URL, title, and date of publication.
  • A clear description of the issue and the specific grounds for your complaint.
  • Any supporting evidence or documentation.

Assessment and Investigation

Upon receiving a complaint, our editorial team will promptly review the issue raised and assess its validity. This may involve:

  • Verifying the accuracy of the information in question.
  • Consulting relevant sources or experts.
  • Evaluating the context and intent of the content.
  • Assessing compliance with our editorial policies and standards.

If necessary, we may temporarily remove the content in question pending further investigation.

Response and Resolution

We are committed to providing a timely and substantive response to all complaints. Depending on the nature and complexity of the issue, our response may include:

  • Acknowledgment of receipt of the complaint.
  • Clarification or correction of the content in question.
  • Apology or expression of regret if warranted.
  • Explanation of any editorial decisions or processes involved.
  • Remedial actions, such as content amendments or retractions.

We aim to resolve complaints within few working days of receipt. If additional time is required for investigation, we will inform the complainant of the anticipated timeline for resolution.


If a complainant is dissatisfied with our initial response or believes that their concerns have not been adequately addressed, they may request further review by contacting our Editorial Director at info@crackedchinacup.com. The Editorial Director will conduct a thorough review of the complaint and provide a final decision.

External Recourse

If a complainant remains unsatisfied with the outcome of our internal complaints process, they may refer the matter to relevant external regulatory bodies, such as the Press Complaints Commission or other industry ombudsman services.

Transparency and Accountability

We are committed to transparency and accountability in our editorial practices. As part of our commitment to accountability, we will periodically review and update this Editorial Complaints Policy to ensure its effectiveness and relevance.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns about our Editorial Complaints Policy or wish to submit a complaint, please contact us at info@crackedchinacup.com.

Last Updated: 15/05/2024

Cracked China Cup reserves the right to amend this policy at any time without prior notice.